STEP 1: Contact details

This name and address is only used to record who is posting it. Use a real name and address (not recruiting@ or jobs@)

3,800+ practitioners

The eCampaigning Forum (ECF) community is more than 3,800 practitioners around the world. Over 50% of these are in the UK with many others in the rest of Europe, US, Canada, Australia and the four corners of the world. These include NGO staff, union staff, consultants, creatives, platform suppliers, students, academics, government staff, political staff and more.

Less is more: Walk Free hired an ECF member as an Advocacy Officer (part time and temporary) and found the volume of candidates was "Not a lot but the quality of those that did apply was very high, so more than enough to make a good selection process! A breeze compared to the trawling through [applications from another source]" - Joanna @ WalkFree, Nov 2016

£45 for most hiring posts

Job posts for most hiring post cost £45 as part of pilot project to test if there is the appetite for taking the ECF job postings system from the previous ad-hoc system to a service that helps ECF members find jobs and organisations find talented staff. See criteria for details.

3-Step Process

  1. Complete this form (Note: Internet Explorer not supported)
  2. Pay the fee (if required) after completing the form (or on the criteria page page)
  3. Paid posts only (optional): Email the job spec to practitioners (at) and include in the subject line the role, organsiation, city and country (or 'anywhere') - this doubles the attention to opportunity receives!

Note: The weekly email job round-up is sent to the ECF community around 13:00 UK time - any jobs posted after that will be included in the next week's round-up.

Peer endorsements key

Most job sites just list jobs. ECF members are most interested in jobs when they are endorsed by people working there like the person who will be the manager or in the current job. Be prepared to endorse your posting.

Right for your job?

Not every job/RFP should be posted here. The jobs with the most chance of finding candidates are likely to be in the campaigning and/or digital space, especially within the UK. However it is a diverse and global community so other jobs might find "the one" as well.