Political Engagement 2015: UK MP Survey

Why is this survey important?

A number of well-known UK charities have come together to commission this survey on how politicians perceive charity advocacy. A similar survey was last run in 2006 (downloadable when this survey is completed) and the results influenced how charities engage politicians in a more mutually beneficial way.

By completing this survey, you will help to increase the quality of engagement with your constituents and improve charities’ advocacy strategies. Your answers will not be publicly released and will only be shared with commissioning charities to help them improve the quality of their engagement with you and other politicians.

You can learn more about FairSay at www.fairsay.com and or see the survey privacy policy.

Only takes 10-15 minutes

  • Deadline: Friday June 6 2015
  • A caseworker, policy advisor or other staff member or volunteer can complete it on the MP's behalf
  • The online survey also works on mobile phones and tablets
  • Or complete the print version and enter it online or fax it to: 0207 681 2777
  • You can save your progress at any time and continue later
  • The link to the 2006 survey will be provided at the end of this survey
  • If you complete the survey you will receive a report of the 2015 survey's findings
  • A press release with a summary of the results will be issued (with no personal or constituency information included)